News From the Word Battle Front

Here’s my first “letter home” from the frontlines of Word Battle 2022!

(Don’t know what Word Battle 2022 is? Click Here!)

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Hello Readers,

Today marks the tenth day in a row I’ve dragged myself out of bed early to carve out a solid four hours to work on the first draft of my science fiction novel, Jupiter’s Embrace.

I heard it takes thirty days to build a habit. If true, then I’m one-third of the way there! 

Stats to Celebrate

Current Word Count: 16,563. 

Estimated Date of Completion of First Draft at Current Pace: December 31, 2022

The Number of Scenes Wrapped: 8

I’m Feeling: Exhausted! LOL! (This tiredness is akin to the feeling one has after a day’s hiking or mountain biking on a challenging trail.)

A Memorable Writing Moment: Meeting my arch-villain face-to-face for the first time! 


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