Supporting Other Authors

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I started following fantasy author Victoria Grefer who not only blogs many posts filled with great advice for novice writers but has also crafted an intriguing book series about the struggles to rescue the fantasy world of Herezoth from an evil magic-wielding despot. 

I am fascinated by learning how other authors work through problems with their novels. Grefer recently shared how a long hiatus from her book ultimately led to discovering what changes she needed to make to bring her story to the level of success she hoped for. 

Having put my own novel on the back burner, I have found her posts inspiring.

Never give up on an idea!

She is relaunching the story with a second edition starting this June and has asked her followers to share her launch website, so that’s what I’m doing now!

The first installment is titled, The Crimson League: The Fight For Hope

Check it out! 


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