Science Fiction and Fantasy

Jupiter’s Embrace

The year is 3727. Humanity has miraculously managed to avoid self-annihilation. Advances in technology have allowed humans to colonize almost every part of the solar system. Yet, no matter how sophisticated people become they still are just that… people. The same faults and weakness that have plagued the species for millennia continue to claw at a glorious society created. When contact is finally made with intelligent life there is much jubilation. But, the triumph is short lived as further communications make clear the Rangari are resource-starved and hostile. Most rally as one to fortify the system from the looming physical contact with the aliens from Alpha Centari. As so often before society sheds the luxuries of free thought, speech and difference of opinion. In this atmosphere of paranoia, suspicions run high. Some few continue to quietly strive to learn more about this alien civilization. Against this back drop Riker a drug dealing, smuggler is just trying to make a living. Working within the strictures of of one of the many crime groups, he does his darnedest to lay low and live high. This comes to a screeching halt when he is framed for treason and sentenced to life on a new and unusual prison on Jupiter. Riker begins to realize he is caught up in something big. His stay on Jupiter opens his eyes and causes him to question who the real enemy of humanity is. When he learns of a hidden danger he struggles with what to do. He never asked to get involved. Even if he does decide to act will conditions on Jupiter allow it? After all no one or thing has yet to return from Jupiter’s embrace.

Warning: This story contains adult language and mild adult material. This is a work of fiction. Any similarity between people, places or things in real life is unintentional and purely coincidental.

A Case of Mistaken Elementality?

What to do when the world is hell bent on labeling you one way and the magic you produce doesn’t fit?

Story in infancy stage. I’ll let you know when I know more!

The Fern Flower Summons

Science fiction meets ancient summer solstice folklore in this short story about a young man’s struggles to navigate life as a lowly “orbital” attending a prestigious “surface-dwelling” academy.

The Dragon’s Familiar

Garv is horrified when his quest for a magical companion goes dreadfully wrong.

Writing as fast as I can. First chapter coming hopefully soon!

In the meantime check out the piece of flash fiction below featuring characters from “The Dragon’s Familiar”.

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Flash Fiction: The Dragon Eyrie

A first look at characters from “The Dragon’s Familiar”.

The young wizard Garv and the dragon Bryndis must find a way to free their friend Amin from an evil magic intended for Garv. Always loyal, with an uncanny sixth-sense, Amin pushed Garv out of the spell’s path only to find himself the recipient of the paralyzing force.

The Barbarian and the Dishwasher

A saga, told in serial form, about a lonely, young dishwasher, who lives only for LARPing. He survives work only by daydreaming of Dungeons & Dragons. After an accident at work, he finds himself stuck at home recuperating. Bored, he occupies his time doodling and sketching. Until the unthinkable happens making sure George’s life will never be boring again.