Nope! Ghostwriters aren’t ghosts!

Ghostwriters are writers who wish to help others!

Although I am a fantasy, science fiction author, I enjoy writing historical fiction and biography. I have always been drawn to history and listening to stories about the old days.

Deciding to use my writing skills to help others, I offer assistance putting memories into words.

Doubts about one’s writing ability should never prevent someone from sharing their life’s story with others. I consider myself a ghostwriter for everyday, ordinary individuals.

How does ghostwriting work?

It begins with storytelling!

I listen as you share your stories with me. A dialogue follows as I ask you questions to learn more and to discover what it is you hope to convey in writing. 

Some people wish to set down a straightforward retelling of an experience. Others are keen to bring a past event to life, adding some elements of fiction.

Whether you want the result to be strictly biographical or more of a dramatized narrative is entirely up to you. 

Please review my History and Biography Portfolio to get a sense of what’s possible. 

Financial concerns should never be an obstacle! I insist on keeping my rates affordable with a sliding scale of fees based on the ability to pay.

Most importantly, you retain control over all publishing rights to your stories. 

If interesting in learning more, please send me a message via my contact page.

Hope to be hearing your story soon! 

Matthew Kusza

Owner of Mythos Creative Writing