Flash Fiction: Doing What You Want Instead of What You Otter.

Photo by Kieren Ridley on Pexels.com

Here is a quick piece I had fun with in response to April 25 Your Daily Word Prompt. Great Site. Check it out.

Nakul huffed as he lugged the bucket toward the river. 

“Why do I always have to fetch the water?”

The dusty path slowly wound its way downhill. A constant swarm of gnats nipped at the boy, further souring his mood. At first, he tried reasoning with them but realized their thirst and hunger made that impossible. 

“It’s just when she’s about to do something interesting, too!”

The heavy bucket bounced annoyingly against his legs. He hoped it would leave a bruise, causing Indali to feel guilty. 

“Don’t touch that, Nakul! Shh, Nakul! Back to work, Nakul! All she does is order me around.”

He had come to learn from Indali, but she hadn’t taught him anything as far as he was concerned. For months now, the woman merely lectured Nakul about responsibility and the danger of communicating with animals. He had tried to argue he couldn’t stop hearing what they said. Nonetheless, Indali insisted mastering his ability to tune out the surrounding wildlife’s constant chatter was important.

As Nakul neared the river, he heard splashing sounds. His mind detected a pervasive sense of amusement emanating from several creatures. Coming to the river bank, he put his bucket down and scanned about. 

Wahoo! Here I come! Look out below!

Ahoy! I’ve found an even faster slide! 

Nakul could see a couple of river otters noisily disporting themselves as they tobogganed up and down the muddy banking. 

“Hello! That looks fun.”

Ha! Who? What? Who said that?

It’s that scrawny human.

No! It Can’t be!

I tell you. That little, bony human spoke to us.

“I did. I can speak to all sorts of animals.”

What! What?

Did you hear that?

“Although, Indali scolds me when I do.”

Who’s Indali?

How should I know?

“Indali is my mentor. She can speak to animals too. But she never does. All she wants to do is work, work, and work.”

Sounds awful! 

I only work when I’m hungry and never more!

That’s right! Work makes one hungrier if one isn’t careful! 

Yes, you should avoid as much work as possible.

Yes, it’s best to frolic and play and do fun things!

Like swim and slide! Come join us! 

“I really don’t think I should. Indali will be angry.”

Is this Indali here now? 

I don’t see her.

“No, she’s back home, waiting.”

Then slide!

Yes, glide!

Let’s race! 

Oh, yes! Let’s compete. 

Nakul could see the Otter’s slippery tracks would accommodate his size, and he wanted to play.

“I think I will slide. Indali isn’t the boss of everything I do.”



Nakul quickly lost himself in the joy of getting muddy and wet, careening down the river bank. He wished he could linger there all day, but he dared not keep Indali waiting. But, it was too late. 

“Nakul! What are you doing?!”


It’s the human who only works, works, works! 

Doesn’t that describe all humans? 

“Enough, otters. Be quiet. Your friend has tarried long enough. Come along, Nakul.”

“Yes, Indali.” 

Word Count: 500

Word Prompt: disport

Prompt From Your Daily Word Prompt.


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